Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Ambassador Program │ Grades rising 8th – 9th

Becoming a youth ambassador is more than just attending camp as a counselor-in-training or youth leader. It is a prestigious role combining passion with compassion, conviction with caring, and empathy with action. Youth Ambassadors learn how to deepen their connection with the community, engaging others with a sense of purpose.

The program cultivates maturity, where students emerge as insightful representatives of the school and its community, capable of accurately conveying information about the school’s fundamental values, rich history, diverse topography and ‘attractions’.
The Youth Ambassador Program thrives by developing the skills and habits of the mind and heart to become the leaders our world needs.

Program leadership

Mitch Bernstein (Westtown School’s Work Program and Service Coordinator), serves as the Summer Camp Youth Ambassador Coordinator. In this role, Mitch connects his rich camp experience with the work he performs directly with the middle and upper school during the academic school year.  He serves as the Youth Ambassadors’ mentor, guiding them through the leadership curriculum, assessing skills and nurturing their growth within the program.

Parameters, Dates & Rates

Program Parameters, Dates & Rates

  • Attend the Youth Ambassador training week, June 11-15, 2018
  • Attend a minimum consecutive two weeks of camp. Ambassadors may attend up to 8 weeks (June 18 – August 10, 2018)
  • Fee is $150.00 for training week and additional weeks $100 per week.