Summer Academic Program 2017

Taking one or more of our summer academic course truly embraces the Westtown School mantra “We’re all about you”. Our Summer Academic program gives you the opportunity to create flexibility in your academic year course schedule. You may get ahead on fulfilling graduation requirements. You may continue studies in an area of passion. Select hybrid and online courses are also available.

The majority of these offerings are credit-bearing courses that fulfill graduation requirements. The courses are taught by our own talented and dedicated Westtown faculty, or professionals in their field – and sometimes both!

Biology 1: The Cell as a Basic Unit of Life | 0.5 credit | Grades rising 10-12

June 19 – July 7, 2017
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This course establishes a solid foundation in modern biology covering the cell as the basic unit of life. The structures and functions of cellular organelles will be discussed with emphasis on DNA as the molecule that controls cell function. Additional cellular functions include the generation of energy during cellular respiration and the process of cell division. Using microscopes and modern techniques such as electrophoresis, students will complete lab work that complements and underlines the concepts learned in class. Prerequisites: Physics 1 and Chemistry 1.

Geometry | 1 credit | Grades rising 9-11

Hybrid course

In Person | 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Online | Tuesdays & Thursdays

June 19 – July 28, 2017


This course covers plane geometry and includes the study of congruency, similarity, ratio and proportion, area, the geometry of the circle, and right triangle trigonometry. Equal time is devoted to writing proofs and the use of computational aspects of basic results. Successful completion of this course prepares students to take Algebra 2, Algebra 2 (Advanced) or Algebra 2 & Trigonometry(Advanced). Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 (Advanced)

Intro to High School Writing | Elective | Grades rising 9 -10

June 26 – July 14, 2017



Students receive an in-depth orientation to high school writing across the curriculum from a member of the full-time English faculty. This course is suitable for students entering into high school and for students who have struggled with the increased expectations for high school writing during the 9th grade year. In this three week intensive, students will learn the foundational skills of analytical, expository, argumentative, and critical writing, including but not limited to:

-creating an effective thesis statement

-introducing and explaining evidence

-crafting a conclusion

-understanding (and avoiding) common grammatical errors

-how to read & interpret an essay prompt

-timed writing

-customizing your planning and outlining process

-formality in structure and tone

-citing sources

No pre-requisites. Students will need a laptop with a word processing program. Students will regularly produce writing for feedback during class time but will not have homework between sessions.

Microeconomics | 0.5 credit | Grades rising 10-12 | Online course
June 12 – 30, 2017
Online course | Mandatory daily web conference 9 PM (EST) | Monday – Thursday
Economics is the study of how a society uses limited resources to produce and distribute the goods needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Microeconomics focuses on the decisions made by individuals and firms. The first goal of this course is to provide a solid foundation in most of the topics found in an introductory college-level Microeconomics class. However, Westtown’s Economics courses are unique in that they also pay special attention to issues of stewardship and sustainability, grounded in the school’s mission as a Quaker school. To that end, this course investigates the nontraditional discipline of Ecological Economics, which probes the limits of the Earth’s resources and calls into question the basic assumption of the feasibility of ongoing growth in consumption. Taking Economics online affords students the opportunity to learn at a distance without sacrificing the collaborative quality of education central to Westtown’s classroom experience. Course materials and goals are similar to Westtown’s school year syllabus but will be adapted and combined with traditional textbook materials (based on Greg Mankiw’s Essentials of Economics) to take advantage of online capabilities and provide the best possible learning experience. Students will watch short whiteboard-style lecture videos created exclusively for this course, navigate labs designed to guide students to understanding through constructing and applying economic concepts, “meet” periodically as a class in a chat room or in an asynchronous forum for discussion of the current topic, and consult with student partners as needed to help each other master the material. The average student should expect to spend about six hours each day working independently and collaboratively to complete this course.
Online course | Mandatory daily web conference 9 PM (EST) | Monday – Thursday
Physical Education - Health for Life | 0.25 credit | Grades rising 9- 12

June 19 – 30, 2017

9am- 12pm

The Westtown School’s Physical Education – Health for Life summer course is designed to expose teens to our 360° well-being philosophy.  The program builds comprehensive understanding of skills and techniques used to maintain life-long health and fitness. Students study health related domains of cardiovascular fitness, sustainable muscular health, flexibility, and conditioning. As part of this 360° program, positive nutrition habits and deepening one’s understanding of how fitness and healthy choices affect the body and mind are also presented. Westtown is a field trip unto itself. Students will explore our 600 acre campus; from team building experiences on our Ropes Course to making healthy entrees at our Organic Garden. Westtown School has 12 outdoor fields, a field house with an indoor swimming pool, 5 courts, 2 fitness centers and dance studio, a ropes course, organic garden, 14 acre lake, cross country course and more. The program is limited to 15 students.

World Religions 2: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam | 0.5 credit | Grades rising 11-12

July 3 – 21, 2017

12:00 – 4:30 PM


The Summer World Religions course explores the dominant religions of Asia and the Middle East—Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. These traditions not only shape modern societies in powerful ways, but also offer unique and often instructive correctives to Western attitudes. Our study of these religions will be based in an examination of sacred texts, group discussions, research projects and field trips. This is a reading and writing intensive course. Students enrolled should expect to complete at least two essays, three projects, three unit tests, and a semester’s worth of reading over the course of 3 weeks. For Westtown Students to register, they must have previously taken Bible: Message & Meaning. Otherwise, they need Religion Department approval to take this course.